Setting up Your Chopper Bike For Painting

In the wake of getting you custom painting manual guide, devices, paint and types of gear, the following occupation is to disassemble the bike. Start disassembling your chopper cruiser with most extreme exactness. While destroying the chopper cruiser, you ought to be cautious with wires joined to the bike.

Destroying chopper cruiser isn’t exceptionally troublesome, on the off chance that you do it as per the custom painting manual guide. Expel just those parts from cruiser, which you need to re-paint, as the vast majority of the individuals expel every single part from the bike and think that its hard to collect it later. You ought to recall while disassembling your chopper cruiser, that you need to amass it. By utilizing the essential instruments pack, you can without much of a stretch destroy or amass your chopper cruiser. You should gather all the huge or little pieces of your chopper cruiser cautiously at the hour of destroying your bike.


Sanding is done to expel the old paint from the disassembled pieces of chopper cruiser and to give smooth and velvety surface to paint. The way toward sanding is finished by utilizing sand papers. For the most part, there are two sorts of sand paper utilized in sanding procedure of cruisers, first is unpleasant sandpaper and second is fine sandpaper. Harsh sandpaper is utilized to expel the old paint from the bike and fine sandpaper is utilized to give smooth surface for the new paint. On the off chance that the old paint is stay on the cruiser, at that point it may cause issue with the new paint. Along these lines, sanding is significant before you start painting your chopper bike. Never attempt to abstain from sanding in light of the fact that it is significant for the enduring sparkle and beauty of new paint.

Sanding Your Chopper Bike

Sanding a bike needn’t bother with any particular learning or aptitude. You should be cautious while picking the right thickness of the sand paper (harsh sandpaper and fine sandpaper). Sand papers with coarseness structure 600 to 1000 can be utilized, contingent on the harshness of your chopper bike. 600 coarseness sand papers are utilized for the unpleasant surface for example to evacuate the old paint. 1000 coarseness sand papers are utilized for fine completing of the cruiser.

In spite of the fact that sanding is anything but a specific activity, however you must be master in making a decision about the smoothness of the surface on which you are going to paint. When you are going for cruiser sanding, you ought to be decidedly ready, as the individuals who perform such employments are normally presented to clean (powder of old paint). Odds of getting dust in the eye and throat are normal. Consequently, your must wear the security types of gear. Gulping these powders some of the time may prompts lung malignant growth.

For the last completing of your chopper cruiser, it is prescribed to utilize 200 coarseness sanding paper. Smooth and shimmering surface of the cruiser is the reward of legitimate sanding. Utilize 1200 coarseness wet and dry sand paper on the off chance that you need to paint a metallic shading on your chopper bike.

Substance Stripper for Sanding

In the event that you think that its hard to evacuate the old paint of your cruiser with a sand paper, at that point you can likewise utilize synthetic stripper. Apply the paint stripper cautiously everywhere throughout the cruiser with a paint brush.

Synthetic stripper can influence your skin gravely. Hence, you should wear security types of gear while applying compound stripper on your chopper cruiser.

Step by step instructions to Apply Concoction Stripper

You should cover every one of the pieces of your cruiser, which you need to paint, with clear plastic sheet (accessible from any handyman store), so the vapors will be caught inside and will work all the more quickly on the bike. In the wake of covering the bike parts with the plastic sheet, than hang tight for the 2 to 3 hours and evacuate the plastic sheet.

Presently you can begin to scratch off the old paint from the bike with a putty blade or a paint scrubber. In the wake of applying stripping substance on the bike parts and repel the water from these parts. On the off chance that vital, utilize the stripping substance once more. Never utilize the compound stripper to expel the old paint from the cruiser part, as it can influence the body (metal) of your chopper bike. Consequently, sanding by sand paper is the best and straightforward approach to expel old paint from bike.

Wash the Parts before You Start Painting

After the sanding procedure, wash every single part. Washing is fundamental and imperative to expel the sanding powder which is left after the sanding procedure. There are a few people who hop from sanding legitimately on to the base coat and may endure later, as though you start with base covering without washing it, at that point in the wake of finishing the a respectable starting point coat, you will discover little particles on it. In this manner, wash tenderly every one of the parts before you start painting.

For washing reason, you can utilize any regular cleanser or dishwashing cleansers which are generally accessible in the market. You can likewise utilize a clean or a hard brush with these cleanser or cleanser. A clean or a hard brush will likewise expel the old paint left during the sanding procedure. You can likewise utilize cleaner to wash cruiser, however never utilize any solid and artificially responding cleaner which can harm the body (metal) of your chopper bike by beginning the rusting procedure. These sorts of concoction cleaners contain a compound aggravation which is known as Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether. In this way, it is prescribed to utilize normal cleanser or dishwashing cleanser to wash your chopper bike before painting.


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